How to Provide Access to Azure Resources with Azure AD

Deploy a D1_V2 virtual machine called DC01 in Azure and put it on the OnPrem network.  Once DC01 is deployed, promote it to a DC in a new AD forest called BlueWidgetCo.local.  You can use this as your “on-prem” AD for the purposes of this tutorial.  Please – Do not mess around with a production AD.

Create an OU in your on-prem AD and call it SyncedUsers.  Create a test user called User01 and place it in the SyncedUsers OU.

Configure a Custom Domain in Azure Active Directory

Once you have your on-prem Active Directory running, you can start preparing Azure Active Directory by adding your custom domain.  The custom domain you choose is the domain users will login with.  For this exercise, click here and register a domain called with  Replace XXXX with a random number (so you aren’t trying to register the same domain as someone else following this tutorial).  For example, you should register

After registering your domain at, you need to add the domain to Azure Active Directory.  To do this, login to the Azure Resource Manager portal, click Azure Active Directory, Domain Names, and then click “add domain name”.  Add your newly registered domain.

As part of the process, you need to verify ownership of  To verify ownership, jot down the TXT record that you are provided, open up the DNS management console for your domain at, and add the TXT record provided.  Once you have added the TXT record to DNS, click the “verify” button in Azure Active Directory.

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