Migrating an Amazon AWS EC2 Instance to Microsoft Azure

….and failed.

Group Policy failed because PowerShell on CONFIGSVR was not configured to allow execution of the script so I had to run PowerShell as admin and run set-executionpolicy unrestricted:

After doing so, I re-ran the installer and it passed:

After clicking Next, I had to provide a MySQL password:

I supplied a password and clicked Next.  After clicking Next, I was asked if I wanted to protect VMWare virtual machines.  In this lab, I was not – so I clicked “No” and then Next:

After clicking Next, I accepted the default install directory:

On the next screen, I was asked which NIC I wanted to use for replication traffic and which port I wanted to use.  My server only has one NIC so I accepted the defaults:

I was then shown the Summary Screen after clicking Next:

After clicking Install, the setup began:

When installation was complete, I clicked Finish, only to be greeted by a message to restart my machine:

After clicking OK to clear the reboot notice, I was asked to save the Configuration Server Passphrase so I clicked Yes and even saved it to a text file.  I DID NOT REBOOT AT THIS POINT!  YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER.

After clicking Finish, I was prompted to configure my admin accounts and to register my CONFIGSVR server with the vault:

To perform these steps, I simply clicked Add Account and provided the local administrator account and password for the machine I planned to migrate (PRODSVR):

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Thomas Mitchell

Tom is a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry and carries numerous Microsoft certifications, including the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification. A Subject Matter Expert in Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, Tom also possesses expert-level knowledge in several other IT disciplines, including Azure, Storage, and O365/Exchange Online. You can find Tom at his website, on LinkedIn, or on Facebook. Need to reach him by phone? Call 484-334-2790.