Migrating an Amazon AWS EC2 Instance to Microsoft Azure

The status changed to “completing test failover cleanup”:

Once cleanup was complete, my replicated VM status went back to “Protected”:

At this point, I was ready to perform the real migration of my PRODSVR EC2 virtual machine instance from Amazon AWS to Azure.  The process was almost identical to the process of performing a test failover.  I clicked the ellipsis and then “Failover”:

After clicking “Failover”, I was prompted for a recovery point, for which I selected “latest” (lowest RPO):

At this point, I clicked the OK button to launch the failover process and the status switched to “Failover initiated”:

Then to “Completing failover”:

Then to failover completed:

At this point, I clicked the ellipsis again and then clicked “Complete Migration”:

I was then asked to confirm that I wanted to migrate:

I clicked “OK” and status went to “disabling protection” since we were no longer protecting the AWS instance:

Once protection was completely disabled, the server vanished from the replication status screen:

At this point, I browses to my AWSMigration resource group and I saw my PRODSVR VM listed:

However, when I clicked on it, there was no public IP assigned to it – so I couldn’t RDP to it yet:

To enable RDP access, I added a public IP by clicking “Network Interfaces” under Settings:

I clicked the interface that was listed and then IP Configurations:

From the above screen, I click ipConfigPRODSVR and then was presented with the screen below:

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Thomas Mitchell

Tom is a 20+ year veteran of the IT industry and carries numerous Microsoft certifications, including the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification. A Subject Matter Expert in Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, Tom also possesses expert-level knowledge in several other IT disciplines, including Azure, Storage, and O365/Exchange Online. You can find Tom at his website, on LinkedIn, or on Facebook. Need to reach him by phone? Call 484-334-2790.