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Extend SAP to the cloud to get more value from your investments and innovate sustainably.

Learn how to create efficient workflows with automation to optimize SAP systems: #MSCloud

Learn how to navigate client credentials amidst different authentication flows in this installment of our load testing series: #Azure

Apply learnings from the approach Grupo Bimbo used to increase productivity and reduce operational processing time with Azure and #PowerBI:

Work with developers that share your goals. Check out the @MSFTReactor featured events to find community and learn new skills:

⬇️ Reduce costs.
🗂️ Minimize complexity.
☑️ Choose Azure for your RISE with SAP deployments.

Watch our on-demand webinar for more:

Comprehensively improve the retail experience for everyone—from supply chain operations to store employees to customers—using Microsoft Cloud and edge technologies: #MSCloud

How does Java work with Azure #CosmosDB API for NoSQL?

Let's consider how they interact, review our supported Java-based client libraries—including Java SDK—and explore supported features:

⏰ Applications for #AzureCosmosDBConf speakers close in one week!

👉 Submit your session idea:

Discover, assess, and manage your migration with one service.

Use #AzureMigrate to simplify the process through integrated automation tools:

Thinking about using Azure Arc-enabled data services because of the recent updates?

Start with this episode of #DataExposed—tune in for an insightful overview, the latest on Jumpstart ArcBox, and more: #AzureSQL

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