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🗑️ Or delete multiple Azure VMs in this edition of #AzureTipsAndTricks: #HowTo #VirtualMachines

🛰️ Did you know Microsoft empowered satellite operators to focus on their mission and enabled them to continue operations without making capital investments in their ground infrastructure?

🚀 Explore how:

No public IP address?
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Windows Admin Center lets you securely manage your on-premises infrastructure from anywhere. Check it out: #AzureStackHCI #AzureArc

In this #MSBuild session—Shane Boyer, @TheAprilEdwards, and @mandywhaley cover new experiences and tools Microsoft is building to give developers the fastest and most secure code to cloud experience using GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Azure, and more:

Take a tour of the tools and frameworks that can speed up your development time to create powerful, native desktop and mobile apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android—all from a single codebase with .NET MAUI: #Apps

You can now manage the Windows Server operating system of your Arc-enabled servers using Windows Admin Center in the Azure portal.

Learn how: #AzurePortal

With new Arm64 support, we deliver cost- and energy-efficient solutions to IoT customers.

Check out how else Azure IoT increases edge and cloud capabilities: #AzureIoT

Securely develop and test your next great app and do your best work with any language, any framework, any cloud. Learn about it in the #MSBuild session with @DonovanBrown, @kmitford, and Amanda Silver:

Learn how @Microsoft worked with @xplorespace to demonstrate how the commercial cloud can provide satellite mission support for @NOAA’s legacy polar satellites and reduce operating costs. #AzureSpace

With more real-time transaction processing and financial fraud on the rise, the payment industry is using AI to stop crime.

Explore how a new platform that runs on Azure can help analysts improve risk management practices: #AI #Azure

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