Official Azure News

Hear more about the benefits of #KnowledgeMining from trailblazers like Ram Swaminathan in Harvard Business Review Analytics Services’ latest report​:

Learn the part #Azure Active Directory plays in the Microsoft identity platform for Azure Microsoft identity platform developers. Watch:

#MSIgniteTheTour is coming to Copenhagen. Join us for free technical training, learn new ways to code, and discover how to optimize for the cloud. Register now:

Learn how to develop #Azure-based software to fit your needs in this 10-week implementation from @cisin: @AzureMktPlace

Discover how to drive new revenue with a #SaaS model. Check out our resources:

Nuventive is collaborating with Microsoft Consulting Services to bring advanced analytics and #AI to higher education. Learn more:

Discover how #RPA leader @AutomationAnywh enhanced its software with unique capabilities by using #AzureCognitiveServices:

The Application Gateway Ingress Controller for Azure #Kubernetes Service is now available. Explore the features:

See the new #Azure Migrate experience that centralizes large-scale migration for servers, databases, applications, and now virtual desktops. Watch:

Sarah Bird says that for #AI ethics, we have "a lot more tools and techniques and best practices to help people start the journey of doing things responsibly.” Listen via @twimlai:

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