Which Storage Solution is Right for My Financial App?


You are the admin for RedWidgetCo and are responsible for managing your company's applications. You've been asked to move your internal accounting application, written in .NET 4.5, to Azure. This application regularly accesses approximately 500 files that are stored on a network share. Each file is less than 1GB in size.

You are going to need to implement an appropriate storage solution in Azure that requires minimal effort to convert this financial application to a cloud-based application.

Which of the following storage solutions is the right one? Choose one.

A. Azure Tables
B. Azure Queues
C. Azure Blobs
D. Azure Files

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Answer D is the correct answer. By implementing Azure Files, your financial application can continue to access the files it needs just as if they resided on a regular file share. The only chnage required in the application is the file share location.

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