How to Create User-Defined Routes in Azure with PowerShell

After provisioning my RouteToSubnetB route, I provisioned a Route Table that I called SubnetA-SubnetB by running the command below:

$routeTable = New-AzureRmRouteTable -ResourceGroupName MyResourceGroup -Location westus -Name SubnetA-SubnetB -Route $route

The command above took the result of the New-AzureRMRouteTable command and stored it in a variable called $routeTable.  I’ve broken down the structure of the command below:

  • -ResourceGroupName: The name of the Azure resource group where I wanted to store the Route Table
  • -Location: The Azure Region where I wanted my resource deployed to
  • -Name: The name of the Route Table I was deploying
  • -Route: The value of the $route variable from the previous command

Assigning My New Resources

Once I had my RouteToSubnetB route defined and my SubnetA-SubnetB Route Table provisioned, I ran the following Get-AzureRmVirtualNetwork PowerShell command to pull my virtual network information into a variable called $vnet:

$vnet = Get-AzureRmVirtualNetwork -ResourceGroupName MyResourceGroup -Name VNetwork

The command above breaks down as follows:

  • -ResourceGroupName:  The name of my provisioned Resource Group
  • -Name:  The name of my virtual network

I then associated my new Route Table with the SubnetA subnet with the following command:

Set-AzureRmVirtualNetworkSubnetConfig -VirtualNetwork $vnet -Name SubnetA -AddressPrefix -RouteTable $routeTable

The syntax of the above command is as follows:

  • -VirtualNetwork:  The value of the $vnet variable from the prior command
  • -Name:  The name of the subnet I was associating the Route Table to
  • -AddressPrefix:  The address prefix of the SubnetA subnet
  • -RouteTable:  The Route Table I provisioned earlier in the process

Saving the Configuration for SubnetA Stuff

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